Whanake Espresso Bar

Being that we are a takeaway Espresso Bar, it allows us to have our coffee's flying out the door in record time. For this reason we are able to concentrate on paying special attention to simply making your coffee just the way you like it.



Our Coffee

Christchurch based, Underground Coffee Company supply us with our coffee beans. Underground lovingly roast Fair Trade beans that they have sourced from all over the world and using their expertise they blend these beans to make a variety of choices. We use the Revolution blend because we like our coffee well rounded and to pack a good punch! Revolution combines Ethiopian, Columbian, Mexican and Papa New Guinean beans. The higher concentration of Columbian beans gives it a rich and sweet body with nutty tones. We believe it to be the blend for the true coffee lover which keeps you coming back for more!


Pre-Paid Cards

Purchase a pre-paid card for 10 coffees paid in advance. You save 20c off each coffee or 40c if you use your B.Y.O Cup. Your 11th Coffee is free and once your card is finished you go into the draw to win a piece of Staci Offwood art! No counting change or entering pins, just a stamp on your card and your good to go.

Wholesale Coffee

For those who don’t want to leave home or simply love our coffee around the clock.
125gm - $7.50
250gm - $13.50
500gm - $23.00
1kg - 41.00
We can also grind your wholesale beans for espresso, filter or plunger.


Text Ordering

In a Hurry? Text your coffee order to 021 296 9444 and your coffee is ready to be enjoyed as soon as you step in the door.
Text your size, milk if not standard, coffee & sugars if required.


Whanake B.Y.O Cups

At Whanake we pride ourselves on doing what we can to help protect our environment. Our very own reusable cups are New Zealand made, from polypropylene (a no.5 recyclable plastic) and polyethylene (a no.1 recyclable plastic). F.D.A approved as fully non-toxic it is food safe and highly durable. $19 each and your first fill is free, you will also save 20c on each coffee you purchase with your cup.