Tiles 4x4in.

Hang them on a wall, stand them on a shelf or tile them into a splash back. These unique products provide the perfect way to enhance your home.
4x4 Tiles $32 each or 3 for $87


Banbury Arch Denniston Westport NZ2010 6572bwWPL11.2x11.2cm300ppi2
Banbury Arch, Denniston, Westport

Tub on the Hill Denniston Westport NZ 20106628WPL 11.2x11.2cm300ppi
Tub on the Hill, Denniston, Westport

The 8th Wonder Denniston Incline Westport NZ2010 6632WPLBW11.2x11.2cm300ppi
The 8th Wonder, Denniston Incline, Westport

Forest Stream Oparara Karamea Westcoast NZ 0161FR4x411.2x11.2cm300ppi
Forest Stream Oparara, Karamea, Westcoast

7 Banks of The PororariPunakaiki West Coast NZ 2012 25535WCL11.2x11.2cm300ppi
Banks of The Pororari,Punakaiki, West Coast NZ

Paparoa River Punakaiki WestcoAst Nz 201003266x6
Pororari River

NZ Native Pohutukawa Tree 2010 4216HG6X6
Pohutukawa Flower

Tui In The Pohutukawa 20121461BD3
Tui In The Pohutukawa

3 Nikau 2009 NZ 021WBWHG4x411.2x11.2cm300ppi1
3 Nikau

Nz Native Cabbage Tree2011 149BWHG 6x6 JPEG
Cabbage Trees

Nikaus Nikau Westcoast NZ 5181HG6x6
Nikau Palms

North Beach Westport NZBW 2008 414SRF6x6
North Beach Barrell

Surfers Playground Tauranga Bay Westport Nz 2006 1712 BW SRF 11.2x11.2cm300ppi
Surfers Playground, Tauranga Bay, Westport

Nikau Horizon 2008 102HG 11.2x11.2cm300
Nikau Horizon

Wall Island Offshore Tauranga Bay Westport NZ11.2x11.2cm300ppi
Wall Island Offshore, Tauranga Bay, Westport

Paua Shell NZ 2009 075HG6x6
Paua Shell

NZ Native Cabbage Tree NZ 2009 518HG6x6
Cabbage Tree Silhouette

Carters Beach Tiphead Westport NZ 2009 1275WPL4x4
Spectaular Sunset

NZ Native Flax Sunset Tauranga Bay Westcoast NZ 20092975HG6X6
Sunset through the flax II

The Movement of Cape Foulwind Westport NZ 20125994WPL4x411.2x11.2cm300ppi
The Movement Of Cape Foulwind, Westport

Original Koru 2009 88.HG4x411.2x11.2cm300ppi1
Original Koru

Pukeko Westcoast NZ 201035564x4

Arthurs Pass Kea

Best Looking Shag On Carters Beach

Colourful Kereru 2

Fan Tail, Hiding from The Rain

Fan Tail, Looking Straight at The Camera

Grandad Tui

Inquisitive Kea

Kereru on the salad bar

Sun set on The Kotuku White Heron

Tui amoung the Wharariki

Tui beak inside the flax pod

Tui Claws

Tui on the cabbage tree trunk

Tui perched on the flax stem

Tui Tasting The Pohutukawa

Tui Under The kowhai Flower

3 Sisters, Nikau Palms

Abstract Flax

Bee at Dinner Time

Cabbage Tree, horizon, Sun Set

Closely Looking at The Pohutukawa

Dusky Flax

Flax Stem

Koru 1

Kowhai Tree

NZ Green lipped mussell

Polar Flax

Wharariki Dusted Bee

Cloud Break Fiji

The Gap Closing out, Cape Foulwind

Westport Breakwater

Charleston Hole In The Wall West Coast NZ

From The Pororari To The Cliffs Punakaiki

Mirror Tarn Reflections, Karamea

Pororari Wilderness Punakaiki West Coast

Water flows in Cave Creek

At The Incline Denniston, Westport NZ

At The Incline, Denniston, Westport NZ (colour)

Buller Bait In The Bucket

Buller Baiters Buller River, Westport NZ

Cape Foulwind Goldern Cliffs, Westport, NZ

Crashing on the shores of Cape Foulwind

Don't Fence Me In, Nikau, West Coast NZ

From the Flax to The Island Tauranga Bay

Inside Hole In The Wall West Coast NZ

Pink & Blue Clouds Cape Foulwind, Westport

Sun set rays, Wall Island, Tauranga Bay, Westport

Sun set reflections Cape Foulwind Rock Pools

Tauranga Bay on sun set, Westport NZ

Whitebaiting on the Buller, Westport NZ